What Are We? 

Cryptocurrency has gained quite a popularity over the past few years. The volatile markets have been proven to be a goldmine for some investors after years investing and blind faith, those people are now enjoying the benefits of what they sowed. This is yet another case of the investment gone right. 

Yes, the cryptocurrency trading market has become the new Wall Street. After witnessing the financial gold mine gained by crypto investors, the majority of the people have started to invest in cryptocurrency but have miserably failed. This is because the whole trading gamble of the crypto market is very different than that of any regular investment. 

We at Coinpennan are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been doing research on this new commodity for the past few years. We have been dabbling in this game for a long time now and have taken our passion for writing to use. We have created this site as a hub to talk about the different types of cryptocurrencies, market trends, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto bots, and investing strategies. 

We help pave the way for another cryptocurrency enthusiast to step into the game and help them navigate the ups and downs of the unruly market. Our heavily researched guides are just the start of a new and exciting life in the world of cryptocurrency. 

What Is So Great About Us? 

You might be wondering how legitimate is our knowledge in this field. Well, as we mentioned earlier, we as enthusiasts have been in the crypto game for as long as we can remember. With professional writing and crypto mining experience, we fancy ourselves as the ushers of the cryptotrading world. 

With hands-on trading experience, our team is well informed about the crypto trading game and its strategies. We still have investments in the cryptomarket as of now, and hence we get our readers the most updated news and trends that have taken place in the market. 

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