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The cryptocurrency market has grown extremely in the past years. There are a lot of coins available on the market and we can expect even more blockchain solutions and underlying cryptocurrencies in the future. For investor or trader a market analysis will become more complex and time consuming. Making a technical analysis for several thousands of cryptocurrencies is practicaly impossible. Furthermore, the investment into crytocurrency world will become even harder for an ordinary investor and the decision which coin to pick will be very complex.



The CoinPennant system offers a cryptocurrency analysis and a social platform for investors, traders and analysts. The goal of this platform is to establish a cooperative environment where stakeholders can decide about their investment or trading opportunities based on other participants' opinion and computer-detected patterns and facts. The platform consists of three major parts:

Chart pattern analysis

The platform will analyze cryptocurrencies and inform you if any chart pattern is detected.

Trading indicators

You will receive the information about market movements (volume changes, bigger market price changes etc)

Social platform for analysts and traders

You will be able to copy other traders or become an analyst and offer your tips to others.


Goals and objectives

Learn more about CoinPennant by watching the video below.

The CoinPennant platform will introduce a social network where traders and analysts will be able to collaborate more efficiently. Based on subscriptions, analysts will be able to provide traders with the information on trading opportunities. Additionally, CoinPennant will automatically perform and evaluate chart patterns and trigger signals to the subscribers.

Our goals are:

Technical analysis - Perform technical analysis of several cryptocurrencies to provide predictions about their future values.

Social Network - A social network will allow traders and investors to collaborate and identify the best investment.

Copy trading - Users will be able to subscribe to notifications about predictions on investment opportunities.

Marketplace - A subscription based business model will allow the user to get the latest information about the selected cryptocurrencies from analysts and technical analysis results.

Subscriptions - Introduction of a new cryptocurrency to handle the subscriptions.


Presale coming soon


  • 75% of contributions will be used for operations and development of the CoinPennant platform. This includes:
    • employment of additional working staff (software development)
    • other HR costs
    • administration
    • financial and legal consultancy
    • office rent
    • office equipment
    • detailed business plan preparation
    • travel expenses
    • etc.
  • 15% of contributions will be used for marketing, including advertising campaigns for user acquisition online
  • 10% of contributions will be reserved for future professional partnerships in the trading sphere


  • 60% of tokens will be generated for ICO
  • 40% after token sale is concluded, following additional tokens will be created based on the base level:
    • 16% of tokens for the core team which will continues to bring the project to life
    • 10% of tokens to advisors, ambassadors and partners who will join the project at a later stage
    • 7% for platform incentives to help smoothly kickoff the platform ecosystem. (for example among the first joined analysts in the platform with best performing trade tips)
    • 7% for the 50 CPT airdrop whitelist bonus, the bounty pool to award contributors which helped us build the crowd sale whitelist, and our »Sign up & Invite Friends« referral program.


Our team comes from Finance, Bank, Telecommunication and Academic sectors. Our rich experience from developing and managing several successful projects will help develop a secure, efficient, high-quality, user friendly CoinPennant platform. Developing in an agile environment with the latest technology stacks will allow the platform to grow iteratively and incrementally. Additionally, exceptional management is crucial for any successful project. Adaption to changes and focus on delivering high-quality solutions, will result in a satisfied trader who will be using the CoinPennant platform. We’ve assembled a team with a solid financial markets background, which is motivated to make the world of digital currency investments better.

We are always committed to providing high-quality and user friendly software solutions.
Members of our main team are

Samo Mušič

Experienced IT Professional with 7+ years in information technology and cryptocurrency trader with 2+ years of trading experience. He is upgrading his knowledge of crypto markets by constantly checking the crypto world. His experiences in trading are a result of daily trading on crypto exchanges. Otherwise he is a cryptocurrency, blockchain and technology enthusiast who is constantly in search of new knowledge.

Črt Gerlec, PhD

Lead software architect with 9+ years of professional experience. Involved in several high performance, large scale and distributed software systems. Passionate about new technologies, code quality and best practises. Holds several professional software development certificates.

Mitja Bombač
Lead Software, Blockchain Developer

Experienced IT Professional with 10+ years in IT industry. Involved in several high performance, large scale and distributed software systems. Blockchain enthusiast for the last 4+ years. Holds Java and Spring professional software development certificates.

Tomaž Korelič
Lead Developer

Experienced IT Professional with 9+ years in the information technology industry with experience on multiple software development projects and a driving passion for FinTech. Skilled in Business Analysis and requirement engineering. Holds Java and Spring software development certificates.

Andrej Vidmar
Advisor, Business Development

An enthusiast of blockchain and cryptocurrency tech from late 2012, with trading experience on FX and Crypto markets since 2005. He also helped to develop an automated trade platform that links various crypto currency exchange markets for automated arbitrage trading (

Wesley Pryor
Advisor, Professional trader. Co-founder of Aenigma Capital and director of business development for TokenMagic

Wesley is a cryptocurrency evangelist with over four years experience in the space as an investor and professional trader. He designed the one of the first multi cryptocurrency close-ended trading funds in 2014 and developed first fully automated cryptocurrency portfolio accounting system shortly thereafter. More

Co-founder of Aenigma Capital, a leading crypto asset research and advisory company specializing in token economics, structuring, and investment studies

Director of business development for TokenMagic, a premier marketing agency offering end-to-end solutions for ICOs Wesley is highly respected in the trading community for both his skills as a market technician and his deep understanding of the assets for which he trades.

Wesley will provide invaluable insights that will help us deliver a platform that is both useful for beginners, and has the tools capable to satisfy professional traders alike.

Boris Kozlevčar
Legal advisor. Founder & CEO JK Group

Boris Kozlevčar could also be called a crypto lawyer. He is the managing partner of the law office JK Group - a law office specialized in IT, internet, telecommunications, blockchain, big data and privacy law. He has advised several blockchain projects from 2010 until today. As he says, “It is not just legal issues that are important when forming the business strategy for such projects, but more delicate tax issues as well.”

David Hoverman
Advisor, PR

David comes from a decades worth of Business development and Informatics background which he left to pursue blockchain technology full time. During his time in business, he has restructured many failing companies and returned them to profitability. He has also been apart of many start-ups as an adviser/consultant and has been able to help in a vast amount roles. As a member of the crypto community, David has earned the respect and trust of the vast majority. His fundamental analysis is far beyond most, which has earned him a dedicated following and a figure head in the space.


This timeline details our development goals.

Q3 2017
  • Concept development and marketing planning
  • Research, regulatory compliance

Q4 2017
  • Beta application
  • Minimal visible product
  • Basic indicators are included, e.g. significant value changes

Q1 2018
  • ICO
  • Notifications on volume changes
  • Significant volume change identification in last candles
  • Volume change correlation detection

Q2 2018
  • Basic social network
  • Basic chart pattern identification based on the data of one exchange platform
  • Basic Mobile App
  • Portfolio overview

Q3 2018
  • Additional enhanced chart pattern identification
  • Inclusion of several exchange platforms in order to provide more precise chart pattern results
  • Subscription support integrated into the social network

Q4 2018
  • Expanded social network functionality
  • Copy trade functionality
  • Provide an API for B2B integration

Q1 2019
  • Copy trading support from the mobile application
  • Social platform support from the mobile application
  • Supported comparisons between investors for easier investment decisions

Q2 2019
  • The complete CoinPennant solution is provided


You will receive CoinPennant (CPT) Token after ICO ends. This will happen at least 2 weeks after ICO ends.

Yes, we will accept ETH, BTC and other top rated cryptocurrencies.

In presale minimal investment will be 1 ETH. In ICO minimal investment will be 0.1 ETH.

CPT is consumable token that is redeemable for services on the platform. With every transaction made in CPT, a small amount of the token will be consumed by the system and burned.

No. CoinPennant (CPT) token is an ERC20 based token. Its amount is definite and therefore it cannot be mined.

Investors from United States of America, People's Republic of China and South Korea where it’s legally prohibited to take part in a cryptocurrency token sale are not allowed to invest in CoinPennant.

Right now we can only confirm that during the CoinPennnat (CPT) token presale we will not require an Identification Card. We will need to know your e-mail address and your ETH wallet address, where you’ll be sending your ETH in order to pair your transaction to send you CPT tokens in return after ICO ends. You will also need to read and agree with the Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

For promotional material please visit our bounty webpage at BitcoinTalk forum