Right now, cryptocurrency traders are struggling with a problem typical of emerging economies: the difficulty of obtaining timely,
reliable, and useful market information.

The prices of cryptocurrencies rise and fall daily.
How can any investor, even a savvy one, make the right trading move at precisely the right time?

And if an investor is lucky enough to stumble upon “good information,” what then?
There are few end-to-end resources for investors of all trading levels. That dearth serves as a major barrier to trading for many
new crypto converts.


The CoinPennant Crypto Currency trading platform comprises two equally important services: a crypto market analysis dashboard and an Investor Social Network where beginners and master traders share knowledge, trading hunches, make analyses and copy trades. All trade calls are safe and backed by transparent smart contracts.

  • Investor Social Network

    The Investor Networking Platform connects beginner and professional traders to identify investment opportunities and uses CPNT tokens as payment for successful trading tips.

  • Data Analysis Module

    The CoinPennant team will perform algorithm-based technical analysis of multiple cryptocurrencies and push market indicator notifications to the user’s market dashboard.

  • Copy Trading Module

    Users can subscribe to master trader's auto-copy package where user's funds are managed completely the same as master trader's funds.


and how it works

CoinPennant is a social network where traders and analysts will be able to collaborate more efficiently.


  • B2B integration

  • improved trading knowledge

  • portfolio overview

  • flexible trading opportunities

  • social copy trading

  • professional trading advice

  • technical analysis

  • market indicators


  • Q4

    Establish the CoinPennant concept and develop marketing strategy
    Finalize research and due diligence on regulatory compliance

  • Q1

    Search for strategic partners
    Establishment of the token sale platform

  • Q2

    Execute CoinPennant Token Crowdsale

  • Q3

    Establish social network infrastructure
    Establish tip's infrastructure

  • Q4

    Begin beta testing of CoinPennant’s Tips Social network
    Establish copy trading infrastructure & initial testing

  • Q1

    Enhanced social trading tips
    Enhancement of copy trading engine
    Expand social network functionality

  • Q2

    CoinPennant mobile app
    Integration of technical indicators
    Integration of basic alerting mechanism

  • Q3

    Chart patterns identification
    Integration of enhanced alerting mechanism
    Provide an API for B2B integration


  • Samo Music

    Chief Executive Officer

    As Chief Executive Officer, Samo leads CoinPennant operations and marketing initiatives. An accomplished corporate professional, his business experience runs the gamut from IT engineering to graphic design, sales, and key account management. Samo currently heads his own web developer and designer consulting business. He has also been a full-time crypto investor and market analyst for two years. With his wide-ranging business and IT experience, Samo provides customer-oriented perspectives to the development of the CoinPennant platform.

  • Crt Gerlec, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer

    As Chief Technology Officer, Črt leads the development of CoinPennant's software architecture. He has extensive experience in software development, including payment system integration and the use of distributed systems. With a doctorate in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Maribor, he provides a strong academic perspective on CoinPennant's platform development, technological principles and strategies, and business practices. In the past, he worked as a software architect and senior software developer specialized in the .NET platform.

  • Mitja Bombac

    Head of Blockchain Developement

    As Head of Blockchain Development, Mitja leads the development of the critical smart contract technology that powers the CoinPennant platform. His work encompasses not only the CoinPennant Token (CPNT) but the array of considerations and user needs surrounding it, including Crowdsale logistics, efficient leveraging of crowds, and the development of mobile app functionality for the platform. A blockchain convert since 2014, Mitja's current focus is the continual development of the CPNT as the CoinPennant platform expands functionality to meet user requirements.

  • Tomaz Korelic

    Head of Project Management

    As Head of Project Management, Tomaž leverages nearly a decade of IT experience to ensure the CoinPennant platform identifies user requirements and meets them with clean software and build solutions. Beginning as a researcher at the University of Maribor, he has amassed years of experience as a senior software engineer and enterprise systems developer. Recently his professional interests have expanded to include client service and business requirements engineering. Tomaž's current focus is the development of CoinPennant's beta platform and suite of auxiliary processes.

  • Sandi Smole

    Community Manager

    Sandi is experienced in online community management, with 4 years’ experience in customer support across a wide spectrum of social media and chat platforms. He has a thorough knowledge of Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. He has rejuvenated several inactive community groups and pages making them successful active ones. He is very passionate about social interaction and the power of the internet, and believes that a satisfied and well-informed community is the key to a successful project.

  • David Hoverman

    Lead Business Developer

    David has decades-long experience with restructuring troubled companies and growing startup companies to profitability. An autodidact and blockchain enthusiast, he has earned a reputation in the crypto community as a trusted source of top-notch fundamental analysis.

  • Jessica Selm

    Customer Services Manager

    Jessica is a Client Service executive with over 7 years experience in the FX industry, during this time she has helped shape the customer interaction & support procedures for one of the biggest social trading technology providers.

  • Isaac Solmes

    Operations Manager

    Issac has over 14 years experience in trading stocks, options and forex, since 2011 he is the Chief Operating Officer of 4X Solutions, one of the biggest technology providers in the FX industry building technical solutions for compliance, social trading and risk management.


  • Wesley Pryor

    Trading and Financial Advisor

    Wesley serves in an advisory capacity to CoinPennant. He has years of experience in crypto mining and trading, including the co-founding of Aenigma Capital, a crypto asset hedge fund and advisory firm. In addition to his work with CoinPennant, Wesley is Strategic Director of Business Development with TokenMagic, a firm that guides blockchain startups through Crowdsales and platform development. Prior to transitioning to the blockchain space, he worked for years as an auditor of tax compliance and financial planning and analysis.

  • Boris Kozlevcar

    Legal Advisor

    Boris provides legal and compliance advisory services to CoinPennant. He serves as the Managing Partner at JK Group, a law firm specializing in IT, Internet and telecommunications, blockchain, Big Data, and privacy law. He has served as legal advisor on blockchain projects since 2010, noting that experience has taught him that crypto investment creates not only legal questions but delicate tax issues as well.

  • Peter Ranson

    Copy Trading Advisor

    Peter Ranson has been an IT professional for over 20 years. In that time, he has worked for many international telecommunication companies, and in 2008 founded 4X Solutions where he has developed a marked leading trade copying solution. Through 4X Solutions, Peter has garnered significant experience in both software development and IT operations within the financial services sector.

  • Gergely Szabo

    Trading Advisor

    Greg has worked for regulated financial services firms for over 15 years. Over the years in Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Greg used to work on the Treasury Department and provided investment advice to HNW individuals and multinational companies. He started off trading options for a wellknown bank and then personally on his own account, before finally providing consultancy services for numerous institutions on becoming compliant with MiFID II regulations. He is currently serving as a portfolio manager for two Maltese MFSA regulated asset management firms. Greg is a very process driven individual, which is critical to success in either a trading or compliance role.

  • Andrei Costescu

    Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO of JECO Capital

    Andrei has over 10 years of progressive experience in tech, finance, and banking, across a broad range of marketing and operational functions. During this time he has developed the digital marketing efforts of the XTB Brokerage Group, OTP Bank Group, one of the largest independent financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe and has co-founded two technology companies in the AI media buying and crypto space.

  • Andrej Vidmar

    Business Developement Advisor

    A long-time fiat and crypto trader, Andrej has been a blockchain and crypto currency convert since 2012. As part of the KRIP.TO team, he developed an automated trading platform that links crypto currency exchange markets for automated arbitrage trading.

  • David Kavcnik

    Security Engineer CCNP, MTCNA, MTCRE

    David is a highly skilled security expert with more than five years of experience as a security engineer in complex IT systems. He is recognized as an authority in his field and currently holds CCNA, CCNP, MTCNA, and MTCRE certifications.



CPNT is a consumable token that is redeemable for services on the CoinPennant platform. These services include access to trading tips from master traders, with enforcement via smart contract. With every transaction denominated in CPNT, a small portion of the token will be consumed by the system to help maintain price stability. CPNT has pre-established maximum token supplies 54 million, respectively.
In CoinPennant token sale we are going to accept only ETH.
Minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH. Maximum contribution is 1000 ETH.
No. CPNT is an ERC20-based token. The amount is finite, and it cannot be mined.
To process contributor registrations, CoinPennant requires a valid e-mail address, ETH wallet address, your details and ID card or Passport. Investors also need to read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
All CPNTs will be transferred to contributors approximately one month after the close of the token sale.


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