3Commas Review 2020 – Trading Made Modern And Easy

When the words “trading” appears in the minds of the people of the modern world, a huge turmoil of market research and words such as “Shares and Stocks” fill our minds. The tedious task of checking the market every day, making important and expensive decisions and also dealing with the possibility of missing chances to make a profit is something that no one wants to deal with.

The solution of being able to compete in this rate of bucks and also keep a track efficiently of the ever-changing market is the 3Commas trading bot. The state of the art software and amazing features, this site is the future of trading. All the possible ways of playing with the market in your own comfortable way are the motto of 3Commas.

3Commas acts as the modern warrior for the common man for the war of Wall Street. With the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3Commas keeps a 24-hour check on your investments and makes specific changes in your shares as per your preferences.

The advent of cryptocurrency is what 3Commas uses to trade. With all the tools which is provided, one will be able to be able to master the market in no time successfully. 3Commas as a platform, also offers other ways for someone to earn money. 

The new age service to tackle the market for the middle-class man is here. This practical way ensures that one can invest in whatever way they want without spending much time doing mundane stuff. 

A company that was started in 2017, to set itself apart by changing the conventional way trading is done, is now at the pinnacle of the battle of shares without showing any signs of stopping.


3Commas Review: Features of 3Commas

Features of such a platform should be made to cater to the people who want to earn money through the craft of trading yet are unable due to the unavailability of time. 3Commas is the perfect platform for a person with such requirements. 

With tools such as automatic trading bots along with robust algorithms that are used to try and predict the shady waters of the market. Features also are made in such a way that the trading done by the customer is done on his choices and his parameters and not the other way around.

1. Manual Trading with Smart Trade

The first and foremost feature that must be focused on is the Manual Trading with Smart Trade. Once the required parameters, such as the maximum buying price and minimum selling price, 3Commas gets to work. 

While buying shares, the bot makes sure that no one buys shares at a price which is higher than that designated by the customer. Similarly, during the selling of shares, there is a minimum selling price, which is made in such a way to get the user a profit.

There is the stop-loss feature which comes under manual trading with smart trade as well. That is when the platform keeps in mind the fluctuating values of the coin in the market and then makes necessary decisions for you so that no loss is incurred.

Added to all this are the additional factors and features such as the property of selling to multiple points. It ensures less risk, which could be because of investment in a single venture. Keeping these funds circulated is essential, and so a feature like this goes on to save many people’s money.

Such a convenient way of dealing with the market is done using the charts and signals form the Trading view. It goes to show the efficiency and accuracy that 3Commas has set as its benchmark.

2. Automated Trading with the Trading bot

Coming to the modern and the latest way in which they deal with the market must be made. Automation is the future, and finally, it is here in the sphere of stocks and shares. This bot also is part of that future; only it is present right here.

This bot is responsible for trading for the user 24 hours without any doubts. With the algorithms which correctly judge on how to make decisions, the automatic trading bot is so efficient because it is trained to go as per the needs of the user, keeping a check on the bottom line.

Different types of bots are also available depending on the requirements. The simple bot mainly takes care by running one trading pair. Similarly, the composite bot works on multiple trading pairs simultaneously. 

The algorithms that are used are also divided into long algorithm and a short algorithm. They are responsible for keeping a different selling price for the shares that are to be sold and a maximum price for the stocks that are to be bought.

For example, the extended algorithm bot works in a way that it buys shares at $10 and sells at $11. The short algorithm bot works in a way that it buys shares at $9 and retails at $10. These numbers will be subject to the settings that you make.

The bot simplifies the whole process of trading, taking away most of the mundane decisions out of the hand of the user and keeping only the numbers that matter. Such brilliance makes it easy for the customer to make money properly and be carefree about the process.  

3. Other features

These other features may not be the central part of the trading ride, but they certainly make up the cogs of this clock. Such qualities include the system of creating portfolios of oneself. 

From these portfolios, one can showcase their creativity through the power of coin ratios. Here, the user can keep track of the coin ratios they believe in and showcase for the world to see. The best part is that other users can review, and so it ensures that no one is alone in the journey of cracking the market. 

The basic amenities such as a notification channel to keep updating the user, a proper market place comprising of trading signals from Cartelsignals, and Crypto quality signals for the best knowledge and exposure, a referral program which also is a way to make easy money are provided when working with 3Commas.

Can we make money with 3Commas?

The answer is yes! If making money out of this platform is the purpose, then 3Commas offers a lot of avenues to achieve so. Because it is a trading platform, the most basic way to earn money is by making informed decisions and use the features of this platform to the fullest to beat the market and make a profit.

The facilities which are provided by 3Commas, such as the stop loss, trailing stop loss, take profit, trailing taking profit, automatic bots, and manuals bots can be used to effectively make the right amount of profit.

Money making in this venture is all about taking risks and timing. Each opportunity matters. It is unforgivable to miss a perfect window in the breeze of the stocks to make a profit. A person sitting all day watching the numbers of stocks and market shares on the screen will go ballistic, but a platform like 3Commas is built to handle it.

A 24-hour surveillance on your investments along with being precise with the timing of investment and selling is what the bots and systems at 3Commas is designed for. The algorithms never tire and are never wrong. This is how one can make adequate money.

Along with the conventional trading center that 3Commas runs, another way of making money is through blogging. That how their referral system works. This platform allows one to run a blog on which they can write their hearts out about the market and stocks. As your follower count rises, the chances of getting paid to write increases. 

The referral system works in a way where the more one spreads the word about 3Commas, more money they can get as if someone joins this platform through your referral, the platform responds by giving you a percentage of their first few transactions.

With such methods of earning cash, it is evident that money-making from 3Commas is not a distant dream, but a possible reality.


3Commas is a cutting edge site for the use of making actual profits through the struggle of markets. The first and distinct advantage is the ease of trading through automation and Artificial Intelligence software. These make dealing with the market utterly simple.

Complex calculations from previous data is not a job someone with limited time can take in their hands. They need a sustainable system that does these calculations for them, keeping their interests and demands in mind. 

Another advantage is the versatility of the whole process — different avenues from which trading can be done, each better than the next. The entire system is designed with experts, and the best methods have been employed to get the perfect results. 

Even the referral system is a massive bonus as a community is formed of like-minded people battling every day to make profits. These blogs end up giving a lot of information about the whole dynamics of economics and ceaselessly offers people a chance to be better at trading.

Such information along with the proper platform, is a killer combination. Imagine a congregation of people all wanting to earn money and at the same time, gain knowledge. This is what 3Commas is. 

To sum up, the advantages, if someone was looking for an effortless and easy way of trading and at the same time had limited time on their hands, 3Commas would be able to help them in ways that even they could not imagine. 


Everything has its pros and cons. Even software which aims to hit perfection comes with certain disadvantages — one of them being the inability to predict extreme scenarios.

The share market at the end of the day is still a dangerous place to earn money. Just like gambling, money can be lost instantly due to some breakdown in the world order. Even such advanced algorithms can never predict extreme cases. 

A situation like a world economic depression would leave everyone hanging, but would affect someone using this platform more as it is quite possible that users here would be unable to identify the crisis and let the system handle it. The system would, in turn, act with such unpredictability that the customer may end up losing all the money they had invested initially. 

Another disadvantage that should be considered is the time of return on investment. Other conventional sources may have a higher return and may give faster results on trading that online platforms like this do. 

Such disadvantages may be cruel when not taken care of properly. Proper management and awareness of resources are one of the solutions, but sometimes the disadvantages overtake the user, which can result in losses.

3Commas Pricing

The pricing of this site is kept as such that it is worth the money put into it. The costing is also based on the amenities that would be provided.

There is binance trader, starter, advanced, and pro levels of the platform. The different factors that each provides differ, with the pro-level offering all the possible quirks of this software. 

These quirks include a Trading terminal, Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss, TradingView, Custom Signals, Simple bots, Short and Long algorithms, View and copy bots, Composite bots, Bitmex and ByBit bots. The cost of the pro package is $75 per month, which is quite reasonable considering that all parameters are open to one.

The advanced package does not offer features such as composite bots, Bitmex, and ByBits bots. Even though these are instrumental parts of the platform, someone not looking to be a professional financial broker can afford not to invest time in these bots, and himself engage a little more in the whole process. The advanced package is for $37 per month, which tells us how easy it can be to use this platform.

The starter package is exactly as the name defines it. Someone who is still figuring out the mysteries of the market, the starter pack comes with all the essential features, leaving aside the complexities that can come with a higher version of 3Commas. This package includes only the trading terminal and the concurrent take profit and loss properties. These are the essential parts of the package and are easy to operate for any beginner learning the ropes of this risky business. The cost of this package is $22 per month, which is quite affordable.

Finally, coming to the binance trader package, which acts as a starter package for 3Commas. With a cost of $0, this platform provides a trial version of the actual platform. It is used to test and then see if it fits the user’s profile. Offering all the factors except the Bimtex and ByBit bots but only for a limited time, this acts as a litmus test for 3Commas users.

3Commas Review – The Conclusion

3Commas is software has a lot to offer. With trading becoming the primary source of income for some families, the central part of this whole endeavor is the risk analysis. The methods that 3Commas applies are such that they can guarantee results with speed and accuracy. While using all the modern technologies available to them, the extra per is the knowledge they try to impart with the blogs that they run.

Keeping people informed in such a fast world is an arduous task. As such, the blog is a very smart way of ensuring that everyone moves up in the world together. Along with such intelligent ideas, the innovation to give the best results and go on to predict outcomes is a real challenge, but 3Commas splendidly rises to the occasion. 

Automating the tasks that may seem mundane for the user but are essential in the game of trading, it decreases the headache of the customer while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the customers share market. Powerful algorithms, as well as interactive tools, will make sure that the people who are new to this venture plus the people already a pioneer in trading can appreciate and use effectively.

Though there may be a few disadvantages with making almost 80% of the work automated, it is a massive step up compared to the current practices out there. Some of these practices include staying glued to the screen continuously, and keeping tabs on the change is the share market.

Such methods are so redundant. 3Commas realize it and have made the whole process easier.

All in all, this is one of the frontiers in this unusual construct, which we call trading. 3Commas is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to shine and earn money easily. It is the day and age of Artificial Intelligence, and using it, the whole world is finding ways to make their lives easier. 3Commas is also one of these groundbreaking platforms that will revolutionize the way we trade in the next decade.