BTC Robot Review: The Most Comprehensive Analysis

Cryptocurrency trade has been on the rise for quite some time now. The Bitcoin market is continuously gaining new investors day by day.

However, if you’re feeling a little skeptical about cryptocurrency trading, we can hardly blame you. The existing market can be extremely unpredictable and dangerously unstable at times. Record highs are followed by swooping lows in quick succession.

 So if you’re fairly new to crypto trading, then devising an investment strategy that works can be a bit difficult.


This is precisely why automated trading bots are so important and useful. They are connected to the market at all times, instantly responding to any and all changes that might occur. In this BTC robot review, we will be walking you through everything you need to know about the BTC trading bot, starting with:

What is BTC Robot exactly?

It is a software program that makes a very bold claim. It offers up to a 150% ROI (Return on Investment). The trading bot is focused on automating Bitcoin trade by ensuring the lowest loss and the highest profit possible.

The BTC Robot monitors the Bitcoin market continuously to the extent that no fluctuation or change in price escapes its notice. The Bot conducts an in-depth analysis of the market conditions and spots certain patterns which it makes use of to determine the most profitable investments.

How to get started with BTC robot?

The user must first create a broker account with Metatrader4. As a result, you will be provided with a Metatrader4 broker package that includes the BTC bot. Once you install the package on your system (compatible with both Windows and MacOS), you are all set to start trading.

As you can see, the BTC robot miner is being replaced with newer, improved ways to carry out your trading activities in the cryptocurrency market.

BTC Robot Review: Top Features

In this BTC robot review, we will be giving you a brief overview of some of the features that make the automated trading bot appeal to most Bitcoin traders.

1) Easy to install

To start with, setting up the BTC robot software package in your system is fairly easy. The interface is smart and user-friendly and doesn’t require you to be very tech-savvy to carry out the simple configuration steps by yourself.

2) Very Low Minimum Investment Limit

You can make an investment with as little as $100. However, if you want to make a substantial profit, an investment of at least $500 is recommended.

3) Trading efficiency

The BTC Robot is more than capable of handling multiple trade transactions for you in a concise period of time. It is equipped with a unique stealth technology that helps it respond faster to sudden changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Since the Bitcoin market is open 24/7, the bot monitors the market at all times, making sure to take advantage of small-window opportunities and taking immediate action to minimize losses.

4) No regulation costs involved

The BTC bot makes sure that the user alone can enjoy all the trading profits by not involving any banking intermediaries that might charge a significant sum as transaction costs.

5) Fully secure

None of your bank details are stored in the BTC bot. You cannot withdraw any money from your personal bank account through the automated bot. Transactions are carried out in Bitcoin through your MT4 brokerage account, not your bank account. So you can rest assured that as far as your personal bank details are concerned, you are safe.

6) No commission fee charged

The bot doesn’t cost a percentage of the profit as commission. Any and all profits you make on an investment are yours to keep.

Can we actually make money with BTC robot?

Back to the 150% Return on Investment claim- does it hold true? 

Well, this has been a topic of contention among a lot of BitCoin trading communities. Some people consider the extravagant claim to be far-fetched and too good to be true. A lot of people have gone as far as to call the BTC robot a “scam” and “untrustworthy” while on the other side of the spectrum, several traders claim to have generated quite a bit of money using the BTC robot and have produced proof to back up their claims.

The arguments have escalated to heated discussions on numerous cryptocurrency trading forums and as of now, is a divisive topic that evades a definitive answer.

The BTC Robot does offer a 60-day refund policy so users can test it out and see how well it works for them before they opt to go for a plan.

Advantages of BTC robot

  • If the market isn’t too volatile, there’s a high chance that you can make a considerable profit at least up to, if not over, the 150% profit margin.
  • Setting up the BTC bot is extremely easy and doesn’t require users to have any prior experience or technical knowledge.
  • The Bot allows for a 60-day money back policy. Users can try it out and see how well it works for them before they decide to actually proceed with a package.
  • Unlike human stockbrokers and intermediaries where most of the assessments are likely to involve some degree of subjectivity, the bots offer a completely logical and objective evaluation of the cryptocurrency market.
  • In addition to this, all transactions are 100% anonymous.

Disadvantages of BTC robot

  • If you were to visit the BTC bot website, you’re likely to find most of the descriptions to be incredibly vague and inaccurate. This calls one to question how reliable the service is.
  • Any BTC robot review in a cryptocurrency forum has, at some point, touched on how slow the customer support response time is.

BTC Robot Pricing

The BTC robot comes in three different packages:

1. Silver Plan

This is a monthly subscription of $19.99. Under the Silver plan, you are offered a single license on an MT4 broker of your own choice.

2. Gold Plan

The subscription is valued at $39.99 and offers 3 licenses, including FxChoice, Tallinex and one other MT4 broker broker of your own choice.

3. Platinum Plan

The plan comes at $399 for a year. You are provided with 3 licenses on 3 MT4 brokers of your own choice.

BTC Robot Review: So, is it worth it?

The good thing about the BTC robot is its 60-day refund plan, which is a money-back policy. If you’re unsatisfied with the Bot’s performance, you can choose to discontinue the plan and will be paid back in full.

Finding the right trading bot that meets your expectations in generating a huge profit can be difficult. Most of the evidence suggests that BTC bots are great for making a reasonable profit in the long term. However, if you’re looking for instant results, this might not be the right bot for you.