Crypto World Evolution Review: Why you Should Stay Away

There are people in the world who have a desire to earn money through the power of trading. There is a particular attraction to the whole world of cryptocurrency, which is the modern form of trading — cryptocurrency, which was initially started by Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin. Now, the whole world revolves around cryptocurrency, as it is the new form of profiting.

Crypto World Evolution is also one such platform that promises to open one’s world to trading like never before. Aiming to have the best crypto-trading tools available in the market today, Crypto World Evolution has platforms that offer such an active service that it can make trading extremely easy.

Services such as education on training to an online market to perform trading, this platform seems an easy and effective way of dealing with selling and at the same time, making money. 

There are specific pros and cons to the whole thing, which will be discussed further down the article. It will just go to show that something which may seem easy is not always the right opportunity to pursue. Of all the software available in the world, only very few of them can provide the ease and accuracy that some traders aspire to get. 

With the pricing of all these modern softwares which are erupting, very few are trustworthy. All facets of the platform must be taken into consideration when evaluating whether one must go with platforms such as Crypto World Evolution for secure trading. 



What is Crypto World Evolution?

Crypto World Evolution is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The cryptocurrency used here is Bitcoin. This platform offers different ways to deal with cryptocurrency in terms of how to trade with it properly and make a reasonable profit out of it. It provides a wide range of features and a variety of products in terms of software that could potentially help someone new to learn and make money from the market.

It also is a place that offers a course to learn and adapt to the world of trading. It ensures that education creates a community of people who together can prosper and bring each other up. 

There are a lot of features that Crypto World Evolution has in store for its customers. These features sound groundbreaking, which makes life simple for the people who plan to use it. So let’s dig deeper.

CWE Review: Features of Crypto World Evolution

The features that crypto world evolution offers is in the form of software products. These products vary in what they have to offer, catering to many different needs at the same time. There a total of six products, excluding new products that have been launched.

One of the new products include a website which will run as an academy, where people can learn how to break the ceiling of the trade market every day. CWE Academy is the latest product that has been launched to educate people on the basic do’s and don’ts of trading and helping anyone learn and make a profit by merely sitting at home and working their brain.

Trading, although it may not sound laborious, is exceptionally challenging for any person who has not encountered the field before. A bloodbath of different traders trying to make it to the top and make as much money as they can, a novice can quickly lose their place. Hence, CWE Academy is a great place to start on the journey of trading.

Another product from their new line of products launched is an online marketing system that works entirely on the Crypto World Evolution. This platform has been created in synergy with CWE to provide the tools of generating business opportunities in the form of advertising, through which money in large amounts can be earned. 

A different platform for something like it gives a whole new set of opportunities that someone may not get outside or in the normal public sphere. Advertising can make the big bucks, given the fact that the right avenues are hit. The right avenues are what the CWE Online marketing system provides.

The last in the line of the latest products is the travel consultancy called CanWeTour. It offers the usage of Bitcoin as a denomination for all the purchases. They offer exclusive deals and discounts to travel all around the world. Many different travel agencies are also affiliated with this consultancy and are getting business out of it.

All the new products are exceptionally loosely if at all, related to their main agenda of trading. The original products of Crypto World Evolution are six to be counted in total. They are different packages and softwares, which offer various features depending upon what the user needs. All these products are sold separately and promise to give the highest profit to the user. 

1. Hybrid

It is an artificial intelligence trading software which uses the predictability of AI to maximize the chances of making a profit in the market. With the latest algorithms and high interactive skills, the Hybrid also notifies the user on when to buy from the market and when to stop. 

Solely working as per the needs and requirements of the customer, the hybrid is easy to use and understand. The added advantage is that the analysis of risk is handled by the state of the art algorithms that are assigned to doing so. So all the hard calculations are already done when one has to sit down and make decisions.

2. HPSI Pro

A software whose main aim is to capitalize on those cryptocurrencies that have lost value against Bitcoin. It is done as they may have a chance to recover in the future. So having them in the present will be beneficial if they arise in the future.

This kind of software is useful to those who are looking for something long term, which will give good returns. In this type of venture, the money invested is less, but the performances are extraordinary.

3. Win-Win

This software provides you with a bot or robot which can make automated transactions between Bitcoin and Tether (USD). It tries to create a balance between both the cryptocurrencies buy doing transactions at the right time.

These transactions depend on the value of the particular cryptocurrency on that day. The bot here is the game-changer. Being able to assess when to take the leap and do the transaction saves the customer from having to go through the whole process. Automatic calculations may be the future, and that is exactly what this bot is providing.

4. Win-Win Pro

To improve on the last version, specific changes had to be made to keep up with the present times. The evolution of the bot is such that now it can deal with trading in a manner that has never been seen before. The bot is now UNIC trading bot. 

The difference is that this bot can now be programmed into your own wishes. These requirements that one has can be put into the bot, which encodes it onto the system automatically. It ensures an even better experience for the user and a more interactive way to deal with trading.

5. HPSI  

An autonomous system is programmed to maximize the profit for the user keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. The unique feature in this product is that the user can at anytime switch to a manual mode of this software.

This mode will be operated entirely by the customer, who will now have the liberty to make decisions of all options and facets of his side of trading. Engineering one’s own way into trading is satisfactory, plus a learning experience essential for such a field.

6. Master Trading Platform (MTP)

The Master Trading Platform is for all people, ranging from beginners in trading to experts in the market. This platform allows one to customize and build their trading bot, which could help them automate the whole process without any intervention from the user.

Such platforms help people from all walks of life do trading their way instead of being a slave of the system. Their ingenuity and creativity play a significant role in the bot that they design themselves.


Advantages of CWE

Such software and platforms have to be analyzed carefully before delving into them. This analysis must include thorough research as well. One must be clear on what they want and do not want.

One advantage that the Crypto World Evolution offers is the variety in their product. Different features for different requirements. The various products that CWE offers have tried to target a base in which anyone can avail of their product. The community is hitting a world base, which ensures that people not only from a marketing background but from all walks of life use their products.

Another essential factor to consider is the customization strength that each product has to offer. Anyone using the products can do things the way they want. They can trade the way they planned to do, not on the whims and fancies of others. Some products mainly help to fully customize the AI side of stuff as well, making it a great way to introduce someone to trading.


The final advantage is the part in which education plays a role. CWE tries to educate people on how to trade and where to trade. Such a program can help in establishing the future businessmen, business women, and entrepreneurs of the world. Being educated makes sure one can make an informed decision regarding their trade and hence move up in the world with the profits that they make.

The question now arises whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages that CWE represents. 


Various factors need to be assessed when something too good to be true, like CWE arrives on one’s plate. Such sites and platforms, which offer products that promise accuracy and return like never before, usually are trying to take the people trying to get into trading for a ride.

Some factors which may seem Ludacris are the extraordinary numbers in terms of returns that CWE products are offering. A 91% accuracy is highly unheard of in the field of trading. The market is always fluctuating, and the values of cryptocurrencies also shift accordingly. It is the first sign that Crypto World Evolution could be faking the information, trying to attract more customers to their base.

Another significant sign is of the founding members and the founding year. The claims that they make on their experience is also questionable. The founding members also have a history of setting up “Ponzi” schemes and duping people into using their platform. The members such as Arri Maccabe, Madiba Thompson, Darren Little, and Norm Yap each have shady histories.

Arri Maccabe has been held responsible for being part of 5 pyramid schemes/Ponzi schemes and has extremely strong connections to people who are known to do the same. Madiba Thompson, as well as Darren Little, upon research, may not exist. Even if they do, their names are being misused to run a company they may not even know about.

Darren Little is also known to be in association with people conning the public and stealing money. Even if one assumes that the founding members are running a business which we consider to be legitimate, that assumption fails because of the numbers and the cost at which the products have been placed.

Keeping these factors in mind, it is with some conviction with which it can be said that the Crypto World Evolution is a fallacy, hiding behind a facade of helping people change lives. A scam, which is an absolute disgrace to the people working hard towards it.

Our Recommendation – Cryptohopper

Our recommendation is one site that does not fail to impress, yet assures that it will not make a fool out of the person using it. With features such as bots to handle your investments 24/7 and methods that are tried and tested to be the best possible way of doing trade, Cryptohopper is a platform which assures the best for the customers it caters to.

All other basic features also make sure that the person who is using the platform is in control at all times. With such factors, Cryptohopper is a recommendation for all users who want to get into trading without being duped.

Crypto World Evolution Review – Conclusion 

The overall message is that of caution. Whenever an opportunity presents itself where the figures are too good to be true, that is an easy sign that one needs to be wary. There are a lot of fake options available in the world, and the main aim should be not to fall prey to them. Researching and figuring out the perfect solution is the key to staying away from Ponzi schemes such as Crypto World Evolution.