Margin.De Review 2020: A Profitable Automated Trading Bot?

Cryptocurrency has become more popular over the past couple of years and along with them, cryptocurrency bots have become equally popular. Cryptocurrency bots have made trading much easier and efficient.

There are many cryptocurrency bots available such as Margin that have made the lives of crypto traders easier. Some of these bots have been through the ups and downs and some have just faded with time and market.

Let us have a look at the Review with all its features and strengths. 



What is

Previously known as Leonardo trading bot, has a track of being successful for the past couple of years and has a great amount of experience in the industry.

Leonardo’s user interface became outdated and it lacked a couple of features. Margin has a revamped user interface and new features that have made it much more popular now.

Just like any other crypto bot, Margin helps crypto traders analyze the market and helps trade in many different exchanges. This bot is considered a Bitcoin trading terminal and this terminal supports multiple languages such as German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Chinese. (Leonardo Bot) Review: Notable Features

The new and updated features of Margin are what keeps it at the top of the list. The highlight of the review is its features. Let’s have a look at the features of this crypto trading bot. 

1. Trading made Visual

Traditional methods of trading included some numbers and an increase in market values. But with technology influencing the trading sector, graphs have become more important and make it easier for newbies to trade well.

Margin provides a visual trading experience so you know everything about the market just by some graphs and few numbers on the screen. Various kinds of charts are also available that make trading on Margin much easier than other trading bots. These visual representations make trading very easy.

2. Multiple Bots

Since this trading platform is online 24/7, a series of bots perform around the clock to help traders trade even when they are asleep. The cryptocurrency trading market is online 24/7 hence the traders also need to trade 24/7.

3. Indicators

Technical indicators provided with the bots provide info about the rise and fall in the market. These indicators come in handy when you set strategies for the bots or go for manual trading. The commonly used indicators on the Margin platform are Bollinger brands(MACD, RSI, EMA).

4. Customizable

Since Margin provides a personalized experience for trading, they offer a great deal of customization in the platform so that you can make use of what you desire. Users like to be able to fidget around with their interface and tweak it to their liking.

5. Security

Since the internet is a place where anything can be compromised, such trading platforms integrate strong encryption techniques so that the user’s data and money are safe. Margin makes use of a key-pair system, so if the hackers try to retrieve data stored on the servers they require your keys to access.

6. Availability

Since the cryptocurrency market is online 24/7, the main feature of this trading platform is being available 24/7. With the use of automated or semi-automated bots, the traders can trade at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

7. Customer Support being an online trading platform, will require extensive customer support for various queries and complaints.  

Advantages of

Any online trading platform has its pros and cons. Here are the advantages of – 

  • Available 24/7
  • Visualized trading opportunities
  • Secure
  • Provides various tutorials on how to get started on Margin
  • Provides a help center with various FAQs and a chatbot customer care representative.
  • Pay for contracts using fiats or bitcoin
  • Provides thorough analysis of the crypto market with various indicators

Disadvantages of

The main disadvantage with any cryptocurrency trading platform(or bot) is the volatility of the cryptocurrencies. There have been instances where Bitcoin went to a low value of $3200 and is currently at around $10,000.

Any trading bot can never be as good as an experienced trader who knows everything about the market. The bot is created by humans to provide some assistance to traders and for 24/7 trading. The user has to finally set the bots to perform automated functions based on the market analysis, or he can use the bot’s suggestions to perform various trades.

Pricing of

Any cryptocurrency bot is assessed based on their price range also as price plays a major role for the customers to choose the platform. It is preferable if the customers pay for the platform at once rather than charge them monthly or yearly for it. Lifetime access to the platform is always considered as the best way to attract a lot of users.

There are mainly three pricing plans for Margin crypto trading bot – 

  • Starter
    • $129 one time payment
    • Up to $10,000 balance
    • Offers only 1 exchange
  • Standard
    • $259 one time payment
    • Up to $100,000 balance
    • Offers all supported exchanges
  • Professional
    • $2999 one time payment
    • Unlimited balance
    • Offers all supported exchanges
    • Multiple APIs per exchange

All these plans include unlimited bots and all technical indicators. review – Conclusion has a strong reputation due to its previous franchise Leonardo. Traders can use this bot as a tool to help them tune their trades based on the market. These bots can help perform good trades and earn easy profits.

The review talked about the features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing of the crypto trading platform(or bot) so that the users can take an informed decision. is created to help make the lives of traders easier by making sure they maximize their profits with the help of various tools, indicators and visual representation of the market conditions.

Any trading platform cannot guarantee returns as trades are totally random and can lead to huge profits or lesser profits. Cryptocurrency being as volatile as it is, trading cryptocurrencies may not yield huge returns at the start. One has to be patient in trading and make the right moves to earn good profit. also provides a free demo of their application so users know what they are signing up for.